The Sweep and the Apprentice, Sooty

Inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s “The Kid”, “The Chimney Sweeps: A Family Business” is a piece of family theatre with nostalgic airs that brings back the charms of the Victorian era in Mary Poppins style. It is a silent show choreographed to an original music score, and it includes original jigs, dazzling acrobatics, juggling, humour and a full load of charm.

The idea for this show was ignited a few years ago by a review of another show of hours, in which The Apprentice did a cameo appearance. This is the review, featured in the blog Tales from the South Bank

The image of the chimney sweeps is widely recognised and it brings good humour to those hard times. It also recuperates a traditional circus and vaudeville experience that has been lost in live entertainment nowadays, but an experience that everybody can feel identified with, which is family theatre performed by a father and his child. The show has the special appeal of having a very talented child performer, who shows a very engaging relationship with his father and partner in crime.

Here is an account of the research and creative process of the production, sometimes by The Sweep, sometimes by The Apprentice, Sooty…

Monday, 19 March 2018

From The Sweep

The Sweep
Time is pressing and me old nerves is gettin' taught.......

I've been learning me letters and reading' about me past. Twas and tis a dark ol' world up there, all black n' sooty!

But me and the lad don't wannit to be that way. We're wan'ing to show 'ow it could of been, 'ow it should of been, 'ow it is!

I'm finding' meself ge'ing sucked up the chimney so to speak. Being plunged into the world of the sweeps. We're needing to find our own chimney to call 'ome. Ideas are soon to be tested without much room for errors or play, so we must keep thinkin' that what we do is right today!

I'll be a tryin' to write more to let ye know what we're at. I ain't so good with me letters, but the missus is making sure me boy is learning them good! He'll be writin' too, so keep checking this place out!

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